Some landscaping service companies only provide one or two types of services. Others will provide many services and be qualified for none. At From the Ground Up Inc. our number one goal is creating Central Floridians with an amazing, breathe taking softscape and hardscape design. We can draft the most amazing design that encompasses your budget and natural beauty of your home or office.

We pride ourselves on the ability to calm your anxieties and fears from the moment we schedule an appointment. Many companies will only chase the dollar and neglect certain key elements about practicality and concepts. We’ll always put your needs and want, along with proper practices to ensure a timeless wonder.

Some of the many ways we can help are a accumulation of smaller services, that combined, create a broader scope such as, landscape lighting and rock gardens. If you’re in the Orlando, FL and surrounding cities, chances are we’re in your local service area.

The Broader Scope Of Services:

We are a collective group of professionals who are certified and qualified specialist for many skills in the landscaping industry. Our skills and limits as far as companies go are broader than your average landscape company.For this reason we’re able to have competitive price points by bulking services together.

Types of Services We Provide

flagstone walkway design installation orlando

Landscape Design

Pergolas, trellises, landscape lighting, flower gardens, rock gardens, synthetic turf, rubber mulch

Hardscaping Design

Paver walkways, driveway and paver patios, retaining walls, brick fire places, stone veneer, outdoor kitchens

sod service in maitland

Sod Service

Removal, grading, installation, types of grass

Water Features

Ponds, water falls, fountains and all kinds of aquatic options

Irrigation Systems and Drainage

New system installations and repairs, french drains

The one thing separating us from other companies isn’t that amount of services we provide, but how well we do them and the level of care. We work tirelessly on creating a original, one of a kind design only our team could come up with. Founded in 2010 we have amassed a wealth of experience in custom landscape designs and installations. Through softscaping and hardscaping projects alike From The Ground Up Landscaping Inc can create a masterpiece for any residential and commercial landscaping project.

Feel free to call and ask questions or schedule a Free estimate 407-501-2107

From simple sod installations to intricate retaining walls and weaving paver walkways, we have you covered. We’ll make this an amazing experience from start to finish. Ore dedicated and experienced employees can draft landscape ideas that incorporate lighting your home or office up with led landscape lighting. The lights could be used to highlight new stone veneer facing as well.

Hardscaping, Sod, Landscape Design And So Much More

Maybe the only thing you’re searching for is a simplistic and manageable gravelscape to replace mulch in the flowerbeds. We can assist it almost any outdoor service to complement any style of personality and characteristics your lawn has. Creating timeless masterpieces that inspire and awe for many years is our specialty.

We can even help design a cozy stone fireplace in your backyard or increase the shade on your patio by installing a beautiful, wooden trellis. Concepts can be drafted and designed using 3D landscape design software. The absolute best way to visualize ideas and see if the flagstone walkway you’ve desired will fit into the plans. Sometimes 3d landscaping designs can be a little pricey, that’s ok. At the very lest we’ll create a birds eye auto cad view to get a better understanding for those needing visuals to grasp the concepts. We can create the look you want while remaining within the budget. In Addition, lets share the joy and excitement that comes from a landscape make over.

Do It Yourself Landscaping Tips

The average person isn’t equipped with many different forms or hardscaping, landscape concepts and blending color along with durable ph levels for a particular grouping of plants. Our level of care and expertise goes beyond the services we offer, it stretches to do it yourself guides.

We’re always pumping out vegetables for fall and summer tips, paver sealing tips, how to install sod and many other helpful diy guides. Don’t hesitate to drop us a email with questions, even if you leave out of the state, we’re more than glad lend a helping hand. You can learn how to become a subscriber to our weekly and monthly blog post!