Visit A Great Outdoor Art Festival In Winter Park

Florida is one of the most popular states in the country when it comes to vacationers. People all over the world visit Florida because of the sunshine, beaches, and great weather that happens on a daily basis. Winter Park is among the most desirable communities in Florida when it comes to vacationers.

Winter Park is also home to one of the most popular community festivals in the country, the Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival. The festival is held in Winter Park FL each year in the spring. It has taken place annually for 58 years. It is routinely thought of as the best outdoor juried fine art festivals in the country on a yearly basis.

Juried Festival

The fact that it is juried means that the artists are competing against one another for prizes. Over 1,100 artists competing in the art fair this year in different categories like painting, 3D art, pastels and much more. Attendees can attend the park and check out the art all weekend during the week of the event. The 2017 version of the art fair will be held the weekend of St. Patrick’s Day (317-3/18).


At the end of the festival, 63 awards are given out to the artists. The awards total $72,500. The top prize of the competition is the Best in Show award. The Best in Show Award will be worth $10,000 in the 2017 version of the outdoor art festival. There are the other main awards totaling $5,000 and $2,500. There are also a large number of awards that are valued at $500.

Family Fun

One of the tantamount missions of the Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival is their commitment to getting children involved in the arts. The event features a Children’s Workshop Village. The Workshop Village is an area where kids can learn about different mediums in the art world and create their art. And there are some other events that are hosted in the Children’s Workshop throughout each day of the festival.

If you like to look at art, and you like to do it outside, the Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival might be a great place to visit. The festival specifically caters to those that like to ride their bikes. It provides all attendees with free bike valet service so they can ride their bike to the festival and be able to store it safely.