Top Reasons To Visit Mead Botanical Garden

In many ways, a city’s public green spaces define its character. They offer residents a beautiful place to spend their free time and to explore native plant species and ecosystems. The Mead Botanical Garden in Winter Park FL is one of the city’s most prominent attractions.

The garden is spread over more than 48 acres of pristine green land. It is divided into several distinct sections including the native plant gardens, butterfly gardens, and the legacy garden. The Mead Botanical Garden is home to several ecosystems and supports many species of flora and fauna.

Things to Do

The Garden hosts many activities, and it would be a good idea for you to refer to the calendar offered on the Mead Botanical Garden website. The garden has a boardwalk, bike trail, picnic tables, a recreation center and a Discovery Barn. Do take the time to see how the uplands and wetlands have been planned and developed to conserve water and to minimize soil erosion.

If you are an avid birder, you may like to consider joining one of the guided bird walks during the migration season. The Mead Botanical Garden Winter Park FL makes a special effort to connect and involve visitors to the garden. There are many activities that are planned for children, and these include Summer Camps. The Great Duck Derby is a particular crowd pleaser. There is also an opportunity to volunteer at the garden.

The Community Garden

There is little that is more satisfying that the experience of nurturing a plant and watching it bloom and bear fruit. The Community Garden offers Winter Park residents the opportunity to rent a 4 X 16 feet garden bed for the whole year. They can grow organic fruit and vegetables that they can enjoy and share with family and friends. Gardening is an immensely enjoyable experience that helps people connect with nature and also with fellow gardeners. The Community Garden also donates a part of the produce to a local food bank.

Planning Events at Mead Botanical Garden Winter Park FL

It is possible to plan and hold events at the Mead Botanical Garden. The Grove is frequently used for open-air theatrical and musical performances. The Mead Garden Amphitheater is an excellent place for wedding receptions. It offers bench seating and can host over 300 guests. The Picnic Pavilion is perfect for picnics, family gatherings, and reunions. One can also book the Garden Club for events.