Florida is a state filled with many opportunities. If you are planning to move here or you are already a resident, information on the top businesses and industries in this state will be of great use to you. Here are some of the top firms and industries in Lake Mary FL.

SunGard Public Sector

SunGard Public Sector is among the top businesses and employers in Lake Mary. It is also one of the leading IT firms in the country and provides justice agencies, public safety companies, local governments, and nonprofit organizations with software and other IT solutions. This firm has been in business for more than three decades, and therefore, has gained unparalleled experience in information technology. They offer some of the best solutions in mobile products, cloud computing, and business intelligence. Its IT solutions are used widely and in dozens of public and private institutions and directly or indirectly impact more than 115 million people residing in North America.

MBF Industries

MBF Industries is another top business in Lake Mary, FL. This firm has been in business for 24 years now. It deals with fabricating, integrating, and engineering special vehicles for the military, Homeland Security, Public Safety, Product Promotion, Broadcast, Medical, and Banking industries. This company brags of having the best quality standards for building such vehicles and utilizes the Re-mountable Body© design that was developed by them.

Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc.

Modern Plumbing Industries, Inc. is a top firm in Lake Mary that deals in providing water treatment, water heater, drainage and sewer, and plumbing services to clients in Osceola County, Orange County, Seminole County, and other localities in Florida. It offers these services to residential, industrial, and commercial customers in these areas and provides employment to hundreds of Florida residents.

Florida Industrial Electric

Florida Industrial Electric, also known as FIE, is an electrical contracting firm based in Lake Mary, FL. This company has been in business for 36 years providing a full-range of specialized electrical maintenance and construction services. This company has provided thousands of projects with cost-effective electrical solutions throughout the Southern United States as a prime or subcontractor. On top of that, it is an employer of hundreds of employees from within and out of the state.

There are many more highly ranked businesses and industries in Lake Mary FL. These four are among them.