5-star I have been researching and getting quotes for our yard renovations. We wanted a functional (with the “WOW” factor) yard to make the house stand out more. As part of makeover, we also wanted to expand the existing paved driveway. Most of the landscape or paver companies only provide service for one or another, which makes the job scheduling a bit tough. We didn’t know how we can coordinate between multiple contractors at which point of the job that will make sense and without any conflict. Through online search, I found “From the Ground Up Landscape” company. Marc (the owner and project manager) came couple days after our first conversation to take measurements, to listen to our ideas, and to give us his expert advice and designs. Marc was honest with us about his busy schedule and asked us to be patient with him since he oversees all of his projects to make sure jobs are done perfectly and professionally. We bundled everything into the quote and got a very competitive quote from Marc. He has an amazing crew that did a fantastic job. They listened to our ideas, answered our questions, and kept us updated of the progress every step of the way. The project took longer than anticipated because Marc corrected every little things that he didn’t feel that it was perfect. If you want job done perfectly and flawlessly, hire Marc and his crew. They are very dedicated, coordinated, and very knowledgeable and professional. They don’t rush to finish the project, but rather to make sure every step is done correctly and the job is done beautifully. When we bought the house, the whole front yard was full of weeds and dirt. Marc cleaned out the yard, added hedge plants as fence all the way around the yard, planted Tuscany theme plants, new sods, installed lighting systems to illuminate trees, expanded existing paved driveway, and built columns with wall lights for the driveway entry. Lots of our neighbors would stop by to tell us how beautiful the landscape look, and what an amazing job that Marc and his crew did. If you want things done right and beautifully the first time, definitely contact From the Ground Up Landscape. From the Ground Up Landscape is not just a typical landscaping company. It’s a landscape architect that does plan, design, and execution. Thank you Marc and the crew!!! You guys rock!!!!
Mimi Lo
Novemebr 2017

5-star Marc and his crew are some of the hardest workers I’ve ever seen. They are like clockwork when it comes to arrivals and, unless it’s lightening, rain does not stop their production. This organization is meticulous, creative, and won’t give up even when most would walk away when the going gets tough. My project initially started as a 2 week project and because of a long duration of bad weather, some city ‘interest’ due to years of their neglect, and a specific neighbor attempting to consistently cause issues to me and my project ‘just because’, it has spanned for many additional weeks. If you need to hire a landscape designer and installer that will get it done, get it done right, and make sure it’s done to full customer satisfaction, this is where you go.

Lori Theisan

August 2017

5-star Amazing job! Turned my lawn and landscape into my dream home. Wife is very happy. Happy wife, happy life!
Kiet Luu
March 18, 2016


Hired Marc and his crew to install an irrigation system and resod my backyard about 2 months ago. The work looked great when just finished, and now 2 months in, the yard has been fully established and it’s taken quite well. The sod was high quality, and the irrigation system has maintained a strong and healthy looking st. augustine. I’d happily recommend his services to my friends and family.
Brandon Barber
3 months ago


We had an excellent experience with Marc and his crew. They performed a complete removal of all our old landscaping and planted new plants, shrubs and sod on our property. The price was competitive and the service was excellent. Marc met my wife and I at Lucas Nursery and helped us decide on plants and shrubs. They stayed on the quoted timetable and the finished product looks amazing. We were very pleased with the experience.
Corey McCaulley
a year ago


I can’t believe how beautiful my lawn looks now!!!! It was an absolute disaster before. We had them come in and remove all of the preexisting plants and trees we had. They stump grinned the whole area then tilled up the soil to aerate it. I went to the plant nursery with them to pick out plants and trees, which I had a fun time doing. Marc is full of knowledge when it comes to landscaping. We have a bit of shade in some areas and full sun in others. He knew exactly what will survive in those areas and what would look good year round. We picked out color for ever season. The plants we picked out were unique and the look we now have isn’t replicated at any other house I’ve seen. After they installed the plants and trees they installed a lot of river jack rocks, which are absolutely gorgeous and remind me of smooth river rocks from the mountains. This project cost about $6,000.00 which was a little more than I wanted to initially pay but I would do it all over again if I had to. They exceeded my expectations 10x. Thank you so much!!!
Theresa Rose
a year ago


You guys did such a great job! We we so impressed, when we returned home, to see our driveway clean as the day we got it. I liked the service so much, I’m going to have you come out to do lawn service! Excellent Customer Service, and Excellent Price! Keep up the great work!
A Google User
5 years ago


These guys are really refreshing and eager to please. Very reasonable and in just 3 weeks made our yard look great already…..we can;t wait to get them started on new projects. Already bragging to our friends about discovering this ream, they really are great!
A Google User
5 years ago