Apopka is Orange County’s second-largest city and is growing fast. On the city’s outskirts, are rows of and rows of greenhouses and family owned nurseries that earned Apopka its well-deserved title of “Indoor Foliage Capital of the World.” However, change is on the horizon as more than plants keep growing in Apopka FL.

New Growth and not just the plant kind

With a tighter marketplace and big DIY department stores like Home Depot and Lowes moving in, the small family owned greenhouses are slowly starting to die off. The city is growing in all directions and with this change and growth, mom and pop nursery owners must find new ways to grow and change with it. Apopka has lost dozens of greenhouses and small nurseries to the recession, foreclosures, and farm consolidation in the past ten years, and some residents say the indoor foliage industry doesn’t dominate the city like it once did.

What’s in Store for Apopka

The future of the “Indoor Foliage Capital of the World” is still bright. However, it may not be as green. While Apopka Florida will most likely always be a force in the growing industry, “it will never be as big as it once was.” said an Apopka resident who has worked in the nursery business for over 40 years. The Change has already started, and despite the fact that the plant industry in Apopka has steadied itself after a downturn, more and more land that was once used for growing will give way to buildings and other projects.

Deep roots and strong growth describe Apopka and its residents. While some have considered re-branding the city and changing its catchphrase, Apopka FL will always be known for growing things whether plants, families or economic development.