Meg Crofton, Fred Rogers, and F. Duane Ackerman have one thing in common — aside from being widely successful in their fields, they were once students of Rollins College. Rollins College is situated in Winter Park FL, north of Orlando. This private, nonsectarian and independent educational institution is considered as Florida’s oldest post-secondary school.

Rollins College has more than forty undergraduate programs with the most popular majors being international relations and affairs, psychology and international business, trade or commerce. Graduate studies are also available. The Crummer Graduate School of Business has three different programs which can be done full-time or in 24 to 27 months while the Hamilton Holt School caters to working professionals; thus, most courses are held during the evenings and on weekends.

Just getting in can be quite a feat, as the acceptance rate is at a little over 50% and the tuition fees are expensive. However, there are several grants and financial aids. The small class sizes and low student-faculty ratio are conducive to learning as the entering class GPA is 3.24. That is not to say that the students’ worlds revolve around books and the library.

On the contrary, the students are well-rounded individuals with the student organizations and sports clubs that number more than a hundred. To mention a few, there is a club dedicated to ballroom dancing, to wakeboarding, an athletic team, a golf team and even a varsity team for waterskiing. Also, there are about ten sororities and fraternities on the campus, and there are several opportunities to study abroad. It also has a radio station (WPRK 91.5 FM) to boot.

Rollins is a rather picturesque suburban setting along the beaches and banks of Lake Virginia, and the campus is sprawled over 80 acres. The college has a “Fox Day” tradition wherein the president would cancel all classes on a random spring day. Students get a surprise day off to visit amusement parks and explore the local beaches and then returning to the campus in the afternoon to enjoy a barbecue.

All these speak volumes of the fact that Rollins College is doing its part in helping mold young minds, ready and willing to meet the challenges of the future.