Landscaping with Seville St Augustine Sod

St Augustine Seville InstallationThere are many options of grasses available for sod installation service in Florida. Landscaping with Seville St. Augustine sod is a fine-leaved dwarf variety grass with a dark green color and low growth. Seville is the best choice for St. Augustine sod with regard to shade tolerance grasses in Florida. It also performs excellently in full Florida sunlight, as well.

Benefits For Seville St Augustine Grass

Seville grass is considered a semi-dwarf variety. Like the other dwarf cultivars, this sod tends to be prone to thatching. Thatch is a layer of organic material that develops between the green leaves of the turf grass and the soil surface. This thatch layer accumulates over time if not managed correctly. If the thatch layer is allowed to accumulate to a thickness greater than 3∕4 inch, problems will arise.

Seville St Augustine Grass

Thatch can conceal insects and disease-causing organisms, create an obstruction to air and water movement, and lift the living turf grass plant away from the soil. Seville sod needs attention when it is installed during the summer. It DOES tolerate drought, shade, and salt, as well. Making this a great option for sod installation projects along the Florida Coastline.

Installing Seville St Augustine Sod

This grass requires much less mowing compared to other sods, due to its horizontal compact growth. Seville St. Augustine can tolerate a cold snap and will return to its rich dark green color as the warmer weather returns. It also is resistant to SAD (Saint Augustine decline).

We recommend keeping it at a mowing height of 2 to 2.5 inches. Seville St. Augustine sod is perfect for open fields because it can take varying levels of sunlight. Seville can tolerate a wide variety of pH ranges, from the acidic soils, often found in Florida, to the high pH soils of coastal Florida. There are many different varieties of St. Augustine sod, so lets us help you find the perfect fit for you. We will change your landscaping dreams, into reality!