Landscape Design and Landscape Installation

There are many different types of themed landscape designs to pick ideas from or try to incorporate into your lawn. Creating a beautiful landscape design and then installing it can be very rewarding and a satisfying experience. Especially for the do it yourself, weekend warriors. Not all care to, or are able to design or install the landscaping theme of your dream. For those people, we’re here to assist you in any way possible.

Due to different climates, soil qualities, sun light conditions and elevation, you may not have each option available to you. You’ll want to do a little bit of research on the type of design, and the plants that are options for that theme to see if they can fit. If this seems like a difficult task or a tireless search on your part, give us the opportunity to analyze your situation, come up with different themes and their landscape design options. We can either design a blueprint or install the landscape design of your dreams.

Landscape Design Styles

Mediterranean Landscaping Design

Mediterranean landscape design consist of bold, hot colors, iconic plants and strong hardscape lines. This landscape theme also goes well with rustic, earthy tones, as well as making a great fit for potted planters and statue sculptures. Gravel stone, water features, and colorful tiles are great ways to give your Mediterranean landscape design a more natural flow. A healthy mix of purple, reds, blues, and pink flowers blended with drought tolerant evergreens and grasses are great ways to bring this design balance.

Tropical Landscaping Design

If you live in Florida than you’re in luck, just about any type of tropical landscape design can be used. A wide range of shade and full sun plants are a plenty and found at local plant nurseries. Plants with bold, vibrant reds, oranges, blues and yellows can be used to bring the ultimate tropical landscaping design. Create tropical swimming pool themes, backyards retreats, or an envious front yard that wows the neighbor hood with our help.

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Japanese Landscape Garden

This is a fun one to work with. Early traditional Japanese gardens inspired peaceful outdoor retreat and drew from Buddhist and Shinto philosophies. Japanese garden designs rely on natural elements such as rocks and water gardens. We avoid using straight lines and focus on using natural, free flowing boarders to bring a more natural look. See how we can create the Japanese garden of your dreams.

Xeriscape Landscaping Design

Xeriscaping is a landscaping design that uses native, drought tolerant plants that focus on minimizing the use of water. We encourage the limiting of plants that requires thousands of gallons of water to sustain and one of the many landscape installation themes we recommend is Xeriscape. Xeriscape designs are best used with gravelscape designs or pine needles to create a look of natural sustainability. Using pine needles vs mulch is another way to help the environment.

Butterfly Garden

A well designed butterfly garden will have both host plants and nectar plants. The host pants will provide a place for the caterpillars to spin a cocoon and turn into a beautiful butterfly. Now that you have the butterflies, you will need to keep them attracted to the garden with nectar plants for feeding. Several plants that feed the butterflies, also feed and help provide a hummingbird garden. We can help choose the proper plants for butterflies in you region.

Cottage Garden Design

Cottage gardens are personal and welcoming landscapes that are the complete opposite of formal designs. Vines crawling up lattices and trellises, wispy, untamed plants are some of the many features you will see in this design. Often you’ll find colorful flowers and plants jumbled up in clusters of untrimmed beauty that is simply marvelous.

Formal Landscape Design

The complete opposite of a cottage design in a formal landscape design. This incorporates straight lines and well manicured plants. Here in Florida, you’ll find a lot of people use boxwood’s, ligustrum’s, dwarf viburnum’s, shillings, eugenias and much more. Let us bring your lawn the formal design you crave, live with pride of our creations.

Landscape Installation Architects

These are just some of the many ways we can help with your landscaping goals. Of course there are many other types of designs and a very long list of plants to choose from. Let us design and install a long, lasting garden of your dreams.