When it comes to housing options in Casselberry FL, the most popular preference is a unit that is made up of two rooms. The biggest chunk of the Casselberry population or roughly 44%, consist of non-families with an average of two and a half individuals per household. The next most significant chunk or approximately 35% are individuals. These demographics are so attractive to look at in a city in Florida that falls under the urban statistical area of Orlando-Kissimmee-Sanford.

Another interesting fact about Casselberry FL is that families are outnumbered. For example, only the remaining 21% of the Casselberry population consist of family units. This will explain why corporate housing is a very attractive option in a Florida city that has over 30 lakes and ponds.

Such topography makes Casselberry FL a typical Florida city. For the population composition, however, Casselberry is unique. To illustrate, the family is not the fundamental social group. Here in Casselberry, it is either workers who have moved from other American cities or students who are sharing a housing unit as roommates.

However, since the average household population is less than three people, the convenient system of living together for the sake of work or of education is rather small compared to other American cities. Thus, with the status quo under consideration, it is harder to find an available two-room dwelling for occupancy. So the reality is that somebody who is new to the city of Casselberry or who has plans of settling in the city will need to pay for the bigger housing units since they will be comparatively lesser in demand.

In other words, finding an available property that consists of three or more rooms will be a lot easier to find than a smaller unit. The city of Casselberry was named after Hibbard Casselberry, an indefatigable real estate pioneer who would move from Illinois to Florida to grow his fortune. It was not exactly clear if Casselberry was already a well-known real estate developer during his Illinois days.

However, one thing is for sure. The Casselberry gamble to move across state lines has certainly paid off and bolstered the inclusion of his name in the annals of history. Oddly enough, what Casselberry had done in 1926 is something that continues to gain lots of following from corporate employees across America up to the present time in a city that Casselberry built.