Facts About Floratam St Augustine Grass

St Augustine Floratam Sod InstallationFloratam St Augustine sod is the most commonly produced and used sod variety in Florida. Floratam St Augustine grass was designed specifically for Florida’s hot, humid climate, making Floratam St Augustine grass perfect for full sun conditions. It shows good signs of  drought tolerance, but like many St Augustine’s, the more you water, the healthier the lawn. This a great grass for many different sod installation projects in Florida.

Installing Floratam St Augustine Sod

This particular St Augustine sod thrives in direct sunlight and can look amazing in 100% sun! This next level sod variety will give you an attractive, lush, blueish green lawn. When sodding, Floratam St Augustine grass establishes it’s self very quickly. Out of all of the grasses you can choose in Florida; Studies show that Floratam Saint Augustine grass is resistant to the SAD (St. Augustine Decline) Virus.

Floratam St Augustine Grass

Floratam St Augustine grass shows a thick, and coarse blade. With this type of blade, this isn’t the softest of grasses, but this is a spongy and easy to bare grass you can walk around on. When viewing this sod up close, it appears coarse, as stated above. However, if you see it as a lawn, the coarseness of the blades are reduced. This grass will not go dormant in the winter months if you properly maintain it. This grass also does well in a wide diversity of soils, sandy, loamy, mucky, etc. Additionally, it does great under salt stress, which can be found all along the Florida coastlines.

This variety doesn’t exactly make a formidable choice for athletic grass because it’s known to be harder to walk on than some of the other options. Floratam handles traffic and wears pretty well, but wont be able to heal itself with heavy traffic such as athletic fields . It does a good job of preventing erosion at your home and roadsides, too.

Floratam is a great option for homeowners who don’t want to take a lot of care of their grass. Although, fertilization regiments, watering frequently and the occasional thatching will go along the way into maintaining a healthy lawn. Mowing height should not usually be over 4″, however, if you do don’t water this sod in a drought or dry weather, increase the mowing height to 5″, if possible.Muck Base St Augustine Floratam