Empire Zoysia Information

There are many different type of grasses available in Florida. A wide rage of St Augustine, Bermudas, Bahia and Zoysia’s can be found at a number of sod suppliers and service companies. Empire Zoysia grass is a perennial sod that handles the Florida heat very well. It does go dormant at the first sign of frost and greens up in early spring. This dormancy can be prolonged with adequate watering.

Full sun and moderate shade are ideal areas for Empire Zoysia in warmer climates such as zones 8 thru 10. It is recommended to install this grass for areas with up to 50% shade, with little wear. Empire Zoysia grass can also thrive in up to 30% shade in areas with moderate wear.

Benefits Of Empire Zoysia Sod Installation

Empire Zoysia sod tolerates heat, cold, salt and drought very well! This grass is very easy to keep up to healthy standards. It has little thatching, less scalping, has great summer color, and a relatively finer leaf. All of these reasons and more, make Empire Zoysia sod installation ideal for almost any Florida sod project!

This sod is also easy to look after, considering it competes well with weeds, requires less mowing than almost any other grass, is unbelievably water efficient. Another valuable trait is Zoysia is also lawn grub resistant and chinch bug resistant. Do note, that although this sod is grub resistant, this does not mean it is immune to lawn grubs.

Empire Zoysia Grass is a Hearty Option

Empire Zoysia grass performs well in both sandy and clay soils, with intense growth from its runners and rhizomes. This hardy, versatile turf grass thrives in Florida’s climate. This terrific sod can be a perfect fit for your home lawn, a roadside grass, amenity areas, sports fields AND MORE! Empire

Empire Zoysia Grass has unbelievably fast growth across your ground. These sod runners are very quick at branching, as well as large branches. This will give you outstanding recovery from wear. To point out some of the savings and time this sod can give you, you won’t have to mow it as much.

This sod may grow across your ground at a quick rate, but its upward leaf growth is less than MOST other grasses. This is something that can be tampered with if you want your grass to grow at a faster rate. You would just have to use the correct amount of fertilizer. This grass is a perfect Florida sod because it has excellent salt tolerance. It thrives near the coast and is great at tolerating salt spray.