sod service in doctor phillipsFrom The Ground Up Landscaping Inc has provided sod service in Doctor Phillips with the highest quality of Bahia, Zoysia, Bermuda and St Augustine grass varieties for 6 years. Throughout the sod installation in Doctor Phillips and sod removal in Doctor Phillips process, we will exceed all expectations and strive to meet your every need.

Over the years, through trial and error, we’ve perfected our skills for sod service in Doctor Phillips. The methods used produce the best outcome possible for sod installation & sod removal in Doctor Phillips. Since 2010, we’ve narrowed down the top three sod farms and the specific sod strands they specialize in; knowing the sources and the quality of their grass is the second most important issue for sod service in Doctor Phillips. Second to proper Doctor Phillips sod removal practices.

When choosing us for sod service in Doctor Phillips, you’re not sacrificing quality to fit your budget. Top quality is something we automatically provide for you. Our team for sod service in Doctor Phillips will turn your grass troubles into smiles of satisfaction.

Residential and Commercial Sod Service in Doctor Phillips

When deciding which type of grass will work for your Doctor Phillips sod service project, we take many things into consideration. The volume of sunlight all area receives, the soil conditions, how much foot traffic occurs and the best look to match the landscape! These are all determiners for picking the right type of sod.

For these reasons, you need our Doctor Phillips sod service specialist to provide the perfect type of grass for your home or business. From muck and sand base, to shade tolerance; we can and will provide residential & commercial sod service in Doctor Phillips using the proper type of grass required.

After the sod removal in Doctor Phillips and sod installation in Doctor Phillips project is finished, we will leave you with the correct care instructions for the first month. When searching for sod service in Doctor Phillips, it’s important to check the proof of insurances, licenses, and worker’s comps. We are fully licensed, insured, and will always provide them on request. Additional insurances can be provided as well if need be.

Proper Sod Removal in Doctor Phillips From Professionals

sod removal in doctor phillipsWe offer many different varieties of grass suitable for any residential or commercial sod service in Doctor Phillips. No matter the situation of soil conditions and sun light for sod service in Doctor Phillips, we’ve got you covered.

Choosing from all the different types of grass varieties may seem like a daunting way to begin your sod service in Doctor Phillips. We promise to uncomplicated the process and thoroughly explain the project from beginning to end.

We start by meticulously removing the old grass before our sod is installed. Before the sod removal, always ensure all weeds, and existing grass is killed off properly before the sod removal in Doctor Phillips. After chemically killing off your lawn, we remove the grass with a sod cutter, soil cultivator or track loader, and proceed to finish clearing the property with grade rakes. Thus, leaving a perfectly graded area that won’t settle.

With us sod removal in Doctor Phillips is perform the way it’s meant to be. Sod service companies in Doctor Phillips are a dime a dozen, those sod contractors who care are not.

Sod Installation in Doctor Phillips Creates a Sea of Green

Our Doctor Phillips sod service team is more than professional; we are experts in the sod removal and sod installation in Doctor Phillips. After sod installation in Doctor Phillips is complete, we’ll leave you with watering and sod care instructions. We will check and set up the irrigation system for all sod service in Doctor Phillips.

Learn how we can enhance the beauty of your paver driveway or give your pergola that last missing element it needs to really shine.

Upon calling for a FREE Doctor Phillips sod service quote, our team will be able to single out which varieties of grass will be well-suited for sod installation in Doctor Phillips.

Any questions you may have, do not hesitate to ask. Not all areas to be sodded are the same, many have limited sunlight or watering restrictions. Our technicians for sod service in Doctor Phillips spend many hours in the field. They also spend many hours training so they’ll properly assist you and all your sod service in Doctor Phillips needs and questions.

They’ll provide accurate measurements and competitive pricing on the spot! All of our staff is experienced with all different types of grass, including but not limited to; St. Augustine, Bermuda, Zoysia & Bahia. If you are confused which grass will work for you, have no fear, our experienced Doctor Phillips sod service experts will share their knowledge and guide you to the right decision. We care about the sod’s future health and never install grass in the wrong conditions. Our attention to detail give you the best possible outcome for years to come.sod installation in doctor phillips

“We’ve been providing Orlando sod service projects the respect and superiority they deserve for almost 7 years.”

Sod Installers in Doctor Phillips

One of the things we bring to the industry are our many reputable years of experience for sod service in Doctor Phillips. We’re known most for our outstanding customer service and are complimented on our professional expertise with sod service in Doctor Phillips.

We are extremely selective and only work with a handful of local sod farmers. These farmers specialize in muck and sand base soils and never cut their sod prematurely. The Doctor Phillips sod farms we work hand in hand with, specialize in one or two grass varieties to deliver the best possible results.

Whether it’s Bermuda, St. Augustine, Bahia or Zoysia sod, our quality is far superior than others. With the recommendations and service, we provide the entire process will smoothly transition your yard into a dream lawn! We’ll transform any disaster into a luxuriant green space for years to come!