Located in the southern part of Seminole County, the City of Casselberry is found in Florida, in the United States. It is about ten miles to the south of Orlando. The city is connected to the entire of Central Florida by two main roadways, including the U.S Highway 17-92, together with the State Road 436 making the city easily and conveniently accessible from within and outside its borders. Casselberry FL is served by two airports, the Orlando International Airport that is about 30 minutes away, and the rapidly expanding Orlando Sanford Airport, a 15-minute drive from the city center. The Lynx Bus Service make getting around the city and beyond a pleasant experience to commuters.


Based on estimates the city has a population of 27, 614 persons, as of April 2015. The official estimate five years earlier stood at 26, 241.


The City of Casselberry is a hub of attractive features, both natural and man-made. Standing on an area of 8 square miles, the city boasts 18 recreational parks and about two dozen lakes located within its boundaries. The largest of these lakes include; Lake Howell, L. Kathryn, and the North, South, and the Middle Triplet Lakes. The above give visitors, both locals and from beyond, a fantastic environment to relax as they enjoy magical views and sceneries. Within the city are four schools, two public and two private, that give the city’s residents fantastic options for schooling their children.


The City has attracted the setting up of top of range hotels and restaurants to accommodate the growing population. Casselberry FL enjoys an excellent mix of entertainment options including movie theaters, live performance complexes, casinos, and drinks and dance establishments. The city also provides good housing at reasonable rates and commercial and office spaces for rent. It also hosts the Central Branch of the Seminole County Library.

The city offers an incredible location for leisure, business, and residential purposes.