Chuluota Sod Service

sod service in chuluotaFrom The Ground Up bring many reputable years of experience in the Chuluota sod service industries to the table. We are known for outstanding service and professional expertise with Chuluota sod installation and Chuluota sod removal. We’ve chosen a handful of sod farmers to purchase our products from. Many have more than 25 years of perfecting their craft. The Chuluota sod farms we work with specialize in one or two varieties to deliver the best results. Whether it’s St. Augustine, Bermuda, or Empire Zoysia, our quality can’t be beat. With our recommendations and service, the entire process will smoothly transform any Chuluota lawn into a lush sea of Green.

“Providing Chuluota with a healthier, greener environment is not only our goal, but our commitment and promise.”

When choosing the right type of sod we take many things into consideration. What amount of sunlight the areas will receive, the soil conditions, how much foot traffic will be present. These are all determining factors for picking the right sod. For these reasons you need an Chuluota sod service specialist to provide the right type of grass for your fit. From muck and sand base to shade tolerant and full sun sod. We provide Chuluota sod service for residential & commercial projects with the proper type of grass required. After the sod project is finished, we’ll leave you with proper care instructions for the first month and after. As always if you ever have any questions, feel free to call us or visit our new sod care page. Be sure to visit our mowing instruction guide. Each sod variety requires different mowing heights and maintenance.

sod installation in chuluotaTypes Of Chuluota Sod Provided

Empire Zoysia

Full sun and partial shade are ideal areas for Empire Zoysia. Empire Zoysia tolerates heat, cold and drought making this grass ideal for any Chuluota sod service project.


Floratam St. Augustine sod is the most commonly produced grass in Chuluota. This St. Augustine variety was specifically designed for Central Florida’s hot, humid climate making it perfect for Chuluota sod services.


Seville St. Augustine is a dwarf variety grass with a dark green color and low growth habit. Seville is the best available St. Augustine sod when it comes to shade tolerant grasses in Chuluota.


At From the Ground Up we provide Argentine Bahia for Chuluota sod service. Bahia sod is ideal for Chuluota homeowners and offices. It requires minimal attention, but proper watering is required.

Bitter Blue

Bitter Blue is a St. Augustine variety and better known for its dark blueish-green color and texture. Bitter blue blades are coarse and broad with large, flat stems. It is tolerate to shade, cold weather, and is well adapted to most soils making it a great option for residential and commercial Chuluota sod service.


Palmetto is often referred to as a semi-dwarf St. Augustine grass variety with shorter growth habit and internodes, but the blades are slightly larger than other St. Augustine sod’s such as Captiva, Sapphire, and Seville. Palmetto grass blades are a light emerald green, and do well in full sun to partial shade in Chuluota. Sodding Palmetto in dense shade is not recommended in areas with less than 4 hours of sunlight.