Landscaping with Pine Needles

Landscaping With Pine Needles When it comes time to decide on what type of landscape material to install in your flower beds, pine needles deserve attention. Using pine needles (a.k.a. pine straw), in flower beds is a healthier, cheaper and less labor intense option. You’ll reap year round benefits with a long lasting, rustic brown [...]

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Creating Organic Compost

Creating Organic Compost Creating organic compost can be a very fun and satisfying project for everyone in the family. It’s a great way to spend quality time outside, while getting some Vitamin D. You’ll reap many benefits from composting such as a healthier, less expensive alternative to many garden and potting soil products. Composting is [...]

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Organic Gardening

Organic gardening was once considered a fad, but now since companies such as Monsanto have flooded the market with GMO products, and how they're able to handle unhealthy amounts of chemical herbicides and pesticides, it's more important than ever to be conscience about choosing healthy organic products. Many products we use to for weed control [...]

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