Like many other major cities, Orlando FL too has its share of landmark restaurants. Orlando offers a variety of food and in different price ranges so that no one leaves the city hungry. The following are some of the best restaurants in their respective categories.

Goodrich Seafood Restaurant and Oyster House

For seafood, Goodrich is the best spot. The restaurant is adjacent to the Canaveral National Seashore, which means everything served in the restaurant is fresh. Moreover, the food menu keeps changing based on what’s fresh and local. So you may bet to taste something new during different times of the year. For instance, the Apalachicola oysters and Florida mullet aren’t familiar outside Alabama and Florida.

Namaste Cafe

Namaste Cafe offers a taste of authentic Indian food. Some of the restaurant’s specialties are tandoori spiced shrimp and beef short ribs, naan, basmati rice, pickled veggies, etc.

Chan’s Chinese Cuisine

Chan’s is renowned for its authentic Chinese food. It doesn’t focus on serving generic Chinese dishes that are sold worldwide. The restaurant’s objective is to present native Chinese cuisine that not many communities outside of China are familiar with. The roast duck is a hot-selling dish. For people who’d like to get more experimental, fried pork intestines would be ideal, among several other dishes. The variety also shows in the restaurant’s sauces and other condiments.

Viet Garden

Vietnamese cuisine isn’t as popular as Italian, Indian or Chinese food. In fact, there are very few cities outside of Vietnam that specialize in or play hosts to a horde of restaurants offering Vietnamese food. And Orlando is no exception to this trend. However, if you’d like to taste some authentic Vietnamese food, there are options in Orlando. The Delicious Vietnamese Crepes is a complete Vietnamese joint situated close to Colonial Drive. The restaurant is well-known for its pho and also golden pancakes. The pancake is crepes put together with an omelet, pork or shrimp, herbs and bean sprouts for company.

The restaurants mentioned above only give you a glimpse of what Orlando has to offer regarding food so that you can start your gastronomic journey on a promising note.