Drainage Plans

A good designer will analyze the nature of your yard, and may "shoot the grades" to establish the exact topography no matter how flat the site may seem. Spot elevations tell the designer where problems lie so that she can solve them through design. Ground water can also play an important role in drainage, and [...]

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Garden Design

Underscoring our long-standing mission to educate people about plants, gardens and the environment, the GARDEN DESIGN creates numerous new places and opportunities to increase our capacity to meet this mission head-on. Hands-on, science-based educational programming with real examples and exhibits – for students ranging from elementary school to professionals – is emphasized. Technologies and practices [...]

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Irrigation Systems

Be it a cascading waterfall, a bubbling fountain or a glassy, still pond, the addition of a water feature to your garden adds an appealing focal point, creating lovely reflections and sounds. Water is also the single most important addition to a garden if you want to attract more wildlife. If space is limited, consider [...]

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Seasonal Care

Many perennials are better left standing over the winter than cutting them down. There are several reasons for this. In addition to many of the perennials having attractive foliage and/or seed heads, they offer food resources for birds. Many birds find the seeds of perennials particularly tasty. The stems of perennials also offer a place [...]

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