You will not be entirely wrong to say that Florida is a golfing state. Dozens of world-class golf courses litter this beautiful state. These courses offer an opportunity for people to enjoy the game of golf. If you reside around Lake Mary and are a fan of golf, here are some courses that you should visit.

Timacuan Golf Club

Timacuan Golf Club has one of the best golf courses in Lake Mary FL. Its course has a unique layout that has won the hearts of many and thus consistently revered as one of the best courses in this state. The last nine holes are the most interesting and challenging holes. However, this does not mean that the first nine are not interesting as they also do have their fair share of fun and excitement. The back nine are the pinnacle of Florida golf. These holes meander through Spanish moss-draped oak trees and scenic wetlands. Expect to meet water hazards on seven holes. Timacuan Golf Club has the interest of all golfers at heart. Here, you can choose the tee that suits your skill level from five sets of tees.

Magnolia Plantation Golf Club

Magnolia Plantation Golf Club sits on a beautiful secluded property in Lake Mary, FL. This golf course was designed by an architect named David Harman. He designed the golf course to pass through the wetlands and forest, with its holes linked together using a theme of water, tabletop greens, and pines that appear repeatedly. The greens of this course are well-maintained and pass by 13 ponds and lakes. Water is also used as an opportunistic challenge and punishing hazard on 12 approaches.

Mayfair Country Club

The Mayfair Country Club golf course is known the world over. This course is famous for hosting the Professional Golfers’ Association (PGA) tournament. It is also remembered as where golfing legend, Arnold Palmer, won his first PGA tournament. The layout of this course has bunkers strategically placed throughout and water hazards on nine holes that will offer you a challenge. It’s most challenging hole is the fourth at par 4. The greens at this hole are guarded by a large pine tree that offers a real challenge when placing tee.

Therefore, if you are a fun of golf living in Lake Mary FL, make your way to any of these three courses and enjoy a game.