Artificial Playground Grass Installers

When looking at playground safety surface materials to use, artificial playground grass will outshine all other products. Synthetic playground turf is designed to deliver many years of maintenance free hassle. Unlike many other products which will deteriorate over time and need to be replaced, artificial playground grass will survive high traffic areas year after year. Artificial grass is soft to the touch and with our softpad system installed, makes for softer landing as well. All of our artificial playground turf installers ensure the safety requirements of fall heights of 12ft are carefully meet.


Long Lasting Artificial Playground Surface

Synthetic Playground Grass Service CompanyProducts such as mulch, sand, sod and rubber mulch are great options for many landscaping projects, but for playground surfaces, not so much. These products come with some level of flaws.

Sand will blow away, sod cannot handle high traffic and will form many bare spots, both will lead to replacing in no time. Because it splinters, mulch is a safety hazard. Rubber mulch is great but it’s surface can heat up in full sun conditions.

Synthetic Playground Turf is built to last 10 to 15 years in high traffic areas. Products like sand and sod get kicked around and wear down rather quick with medium to high traffic.

When it comes to withstanding high traffic areas and maintaining a safe environment, artificial playground turf is the right choice. Now, it’s true synthetic grass may have a higher cost up front. Over time, the savings from zero maintenance and material replacement turn playground turf upfront cost into savings in the long run.

Fake Playground Grass and Safety

There are many great benefits of choosing artificial playground grass as safety surface option. All of our artificial playground turf installers maintain fall safety requirements for up to 12ft. Fake playground grass is soft to the touch, followed with thicker backing to create harsher falling conditions. Bundle this with a softpad underlayment and now you have the ultimate safety surface. When it comes to playground surface safety, there’s no better product than artificial playground grass.

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