Organic gardening was once considered a fad, but now since companies such as Monsanto have flooded the market with GMO products, and how they’re able to handle unhealthy amounts of chemical herbicides and pesticides, it’s more important than ever to be conscience about choosing healthy organic products. Many products we use to for weed control or pest problems have carcinogens, petroleum products and other harmful ingredients that seep into our water table over time. Not to mention when we use these products they remove the things all good soils crave such as worms, beneficial insects and other organisms that create a healthy and sustainable soil. Switching to organic base products will boost the soil quality and eliminate many issues caused by harsh chemicals.

Many people will claim that going organic is expensive, they’re incorrect. Sure if you shop at your local fresh market or wholefoods for produce and meats it could add up, they’re specialty health food stores, meaning big$$$. Instead try hitting the local farmers markets or produce stands. Many of the growers practice organic methods and use chemical free methods for pest control and provide many products for a cheaper price than grocery chain stores. One more suggestion would be to grow your own produce.

Growing organically is the best option to protect our food supplies, environment, health and well being, no matter the style, size or location of your lawn and garden. This will harnesses the natural cycles and processes that promote plant growth. It could be something as simple as using a hydroponic tower or raised vegetable gardens. There are many different styles of hydroponic towers and vegetable gardens to choose from. You may want to do a little research to figure out one that suits you and your lifestyle. Any method you choose, upgrades the benefits and quality of life that GMO products just don’t provide. Not just for you but for the planet as well.

Adding organic matter at the beginning, and regularly throughout the year, is the key to making happy and healthy soil. We keep our garden supplies well stocked (even in summer) and well staffed by qualified professionals.