How To Water My Lawn

how to water my lawnAfter learning how to properly mow your lawn, the next step (possibly the most important as well) to ensuring a healthy lawn is a proper watering regimen. You can fertilize, sharpen blades, switch mowing patterns and follow every instruction to the tee but it will be all for not without irrigation. Watering schedules vary for each county so be sure to check the local watering laws. The following Q and A’s are based on a twice a week regimen and need to be adjusted accordingly to use for each county’s laws. As always please be responsible and respectful with watering times and days. Droughts do occur, and we all must do our part to protect the natural water tables. If you have recently installed a new lawn, please visit our new sod care instructions.

Lawn Watering Guide and Questions

Q. How many days should I water my grass?

A. First off it is very important to conserve and use as little amount of water as possible to maintain a healthy lawn. Again, for this one local county laws are different for everyone so check the amount of days and what days of the week you are allowed to water. You’ll want to water two days a week in the summer months and one day a week in the winter months adjusting the time accordingly. Set the timer for a Monday/Thursday, Tuesday/Friday, Wednesday/Saturday, or a Thursday/Sunday schedule. During some weeks in the summer months, you may be able to turn the system off as long as the grass blades are not wilted and bent inward, this is a sign of drought.lawn watering guide

Q. What time should I start and end my watering?

A. Water in the early mornings ending the cycle as the sun rises (between 7-7:30 am) or in the late evenings when winds and evaporation are at their lowest (start time 9 pm). Watering between the hours of 10am-7pm is completely a waste of time and money. During these hours evaporation is at its peak, preventing the water to absorb into the soil. Not all irrigation systems are the same; some have 2 zones others have 20+. Depending on the amount of zones and the amount of minutes for each zone, start time will vary. Again it is important to have the last bit of water hitting the lawn by 7:30 am or as the sun is rising.

Q. How long should I water each zone?

A. The first step is to determine what type of soil you have. If it is a mucky base that retains water for a lengthy amount of time, you will not need to water as often. If it is a dry, sandy base, watering times may need to be increased. Runoff is another factor. If there are areas that slope down, water retention may be slowed down resulting in an increase of watering time.

Irrigating My Lawn

Pay attention to the grass, if the blades are folding inward, this is a sign of drought and an increase in minutes may be needed. Lawns only need about 3/4″ of water per each watering cycle or equivalent to a small tuna fish can. Simply place the cans or measuring cups outside throughout the lawn and turn the system on for twenty minutes. If the cans or measuring cups are full, then twenty minutes is enough time. However if the can or cups are not quite full, the time per zone needs to be adjusted accordingly.

By following these steps along with a proper mowing and fertilization regimen, your lawn will thrive and reap the benefits.