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In today’s landscaping culture there are many different design and installation philosophy’s for just about every outdoor service. Not to mention outdoor service companies are a dime a dozen, you never can be too sure what to expect. Do they have the proper knowledge and experience for the landscaping design you’re searching for? At From The Ground Up Landscaping Inc, we provide just about every type of outdoor service from retaining wall installation to brick artificial putting green installation. Now, it’s tough for one company to provide many services and still bring the quality, this is true. But, not if the level of knowledge and care is there.

Featured Outdoor Services

Artificial Turf Installation

Synthetic Playground Grass Service Company

Putting greens, pet turf products, playground safety grass, low maintenance lawns and so much more. No matter what purpose you have, we’ll find the perfect brand and type of turf for your needs.

Hardscaping Design

Paver Driveway Installers Orlando

Paver driveways, retaining walls, fire pits, pergolas, and many more options. There is the perfect block, paver, brick or wooden structure out there for everyone. We’ll help you with your search, design and installation

Sod Removal and Installation

sod service in oviedo

Removal, soil cultivation and installation. Full sun or full shade, there’s the right type for everybody’s lawn. Call for a free quote today.

Landscape Design and Installation

Fake Grass Installation Service

Rock gardens, lighting, rubber mulch, and more.  Whether you’re looking for lighting to brighten the house up or wanting a themed garden or flower beds installed, our specialist have got your needs and wants covered.

Providing Outdoor Services At The Highest Level Since 2010

We’re extremely knowledgeable on every service we provide and are quality control team consist of each project operation specialist inspected. It doesn’t get better than that! Since we’re able to help with multiple services, we can bundle up packages that consist of artificial playground turf for the kids and a paver patio with free standing walls hugging each turn or others, saving you money. Talk to one of our service members to find out how we bring the best value to the table. With the level of care, quality of work completed and competitive pricing, it’s no wonder why we’re the number one landscaping service destination in Central Florida.

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Upon our initial estimate we’ll be able to gather all your ideas and input to design and install the ultimate outdoor experience. Even if you have zero knowledge or ideas, we’ll be able to help choose what stone veneer for walls, plants, artificial turf products or landscape lighting that fits the design and budget. We could even craft a 3D landscape or Birdseye view of the softscape or hardscape design project upon request.

Hot Gardening Ideas

Whether it’s fashion or fast cars, people are keen on staying up with the latest trends. Many hardscaping and landscape crazes have come and gone, while some remain a perennial part of the horticultural landscape. Here are some wonderful landscaping ideas and examples to inspire creation.

Artificial Turf, Landscaping and Hardscaping Services At Their Best

Let’s face it, in today’s service industry it’s hard to find quality service companies. Service industry businesses are a dime a dozen and a great deal operate without proper insurances or licenses. After you’ve located companies with qualified paperwork the next question should be, are the knowledgeable or experienced. Will there best interest suit them or your projects? With a lack of understanding and knowledge, most companies will make recommendations on only what they know. If they’re not well versed, how could they possibly bring the optimal feel, functionality and aesthetically appealing design you crave?

We have the right combination of skills and knowledge to design and install the outdoor service of your dreams. Making neighbors envious is our specialty and we deliver every time on every job. Beautiful red cedar pergolas, brick fire pits, boulder rocks, waterfalls, sod installation, landscape and garden design, you name it, we can design and install it without any trouble.

Check Out All The Wonderful Services We Provide:

  • Sod Service – With proper practices we can help you with removal, delivery and installation. Have a beautiful sea of green for many years.
  • Artificial Turf Installation – Dog runs, pet turf, playground safety turf, maintenance free lawns and more. Our synthetic turf specialist are here to deliver the extra oomph it needs!
  • Landscape Garden Design – We can help you look through and choose from the many plant varieties we have available here in Central Florida. There’s many different design and regional styles to choose from, such as Tropical, Mediterranean, Tuscan, Modern, Southwestern, Formal, Japanese, Cottage and more.
  • Landscape Features – Add landscape lighting to brighten the garden and house up at night. Or add wooden elements such as Pergolas, Gazebos, Arbors and other fun, creative landscape elements to really bring uniqueness into the fold.
  • Hardscaping – There is many great selections of permanent hardscape design features available for any property and design. Features such as paver patios, paver driveways, paver walkways, retaining walls, brick fire pits, beautiful rock gardens and a whole lot more.
  • Water Features – Ever wanted a gorgeous waterfall, water fountains or beautiful koi pond? We can help created any of these wonderful masterpieces.

Why Choose Us?

Home Of the Best Valued Landscaping Company!

There may be less expensive companies in the field, but none can beat the overall value we bring to the table. With our knowledge, pricing and ability to execute each project, we can’t be beat. We’ll completely transform any dingy yard into a beautifully designed oasis for not only today, but built to last for years of enjoyment.

Get to Know More About Us

Fake Grass Installation Service in Orlando

Marc Rose – The Creator

For many years now Marc Rose has come up with some of the most amazing creations for the outdoor environment. Whenever he and his team put there heads together to design any project, they always take into consideration practicality, soil and sunlight conditions, aesthetical value and more to ensure the ultimate outcome. Marc Rose stands by the companies quality and ability to satisfy your every need 100%. All projects are checked and inspected upon completion by a quality control staff member.

Featured Outdoor Services

Landscaping Designers Orlando

Some of the Many Services we Offer:

Sod Service – we pre-spray for weeds and leave proper slopes for runoff

Landscape Lighting – keep you landscape looking it’s best even at night. Also adds extra security

Hardscape Service – beautiful walkways, patios, walls, fireplaces and driveways

Landscape Design – get birdeye views or 3D designs of your property

Artificial Turf – Putting greens, maintenance free lawns, playground turf and more.